New Zealand Netball!

No, we don’t know the rules, and we don’t understand the strategy, but we always say we want local experiences. So, when the high level league has a game in the town we’re visiting, we buy tickets and check it out!

The Avis Magic are the home team for this game in Hamilton, New Zealand. They also stayed at the same hotel we did!
Introducing the teams, with the mascot. The team in black is the Magic, the team in Yellow is Te Wananga o Raukawa Pulse.

The Pulse raced out to a quick lead. We did understand the scoring, if nothing else. Our seats were pretty high up, alright, they were row Z. No one was sitting right next to us to ask, so we just tried to figure out the game on our own. We enjoyed the action; lots of passing, no dribbling or running with the ball. Players are restricted to zones, and we’re still not sure what prompted a lot of the whistles or actions after the whistles, but it was fun, and we’d go again.

Getting the ball into scoring position.
Taking the shot – she made it.

The Magic clawed their way to a small lead in the 4th quarter, and there was an exciting see saw of baskets. The final score wasn’t what the local crowd hoped for.

Close game!

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