Braga: Historical, Architectural, and Natural Beauty abound!

Well, this happened a few (or more) weeks ago, but we’ve been having so much fun!

Using Porto as our base, we decided to take the regional train for some day trips. Braga was an easy hour or so trip north and appears on so many of the must see lists.

A beautiful fountain as you approach the old section of the city.
A church dating back to the 900s, like so many old churches here, it had been updated, but not for a century or so.
The interior of the church. I am waiting to see if I will ever not be surprised by how ornate they are.
A major attraction here is the Bom Jesus which presides over the city from the hilltop. First, you walk over halfway up the hill, then you start up a path, then you get to the steps. Needless to say, Fitbit says we climbed a lot of flights this day.
A view back to Braga from the plaza. My camera was not really up to the task of getting good photos of the many small buildings that hold life-size depictions of the Crucifiction and Stations of the Cross.
The church, just a few more flights.
Another ornate interior. There was a wedding later in the day.
Another view from the top. Did I mention how much climbing we did?
The city gate, taking you back in to the old city center. As we spent most of our time climbing a hill and stairs, we have to return to see more of this lovely city.

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