Hunting Lionfish and enjoying the waterfalls of Dominica

The divers were able to help with the scourge of Lionfish, a Pacific fish that is invasive in the Atlantic and Caribbean. Cousin Ann has been trained in “culling” them, and takes great delight in protecting the local fish and coral from them. Also, they are yummy! The hotel accepted her haul one day and made ceviche and fritters for us one night!

Ann, spearing a Lionfish!
Ann showing off her catch!
The Lionfish ceviche. I am not usually a fan of uncooked fish, but this spicy, tangy concoction was pretty good.

We went to dinner at the Jungle Bay Resort one night based on the recommendation of the dive boat team “they have amazing views of the sunset!” That was very true. The meal was good too. We all got the catch of the day and agreed it was a great choice after we enjoyed a cocktail and watched the sun set!

Going Down (photo credit to cousin Angel).
The colors after the sun dipped below the horizon.

We took a tour up to Trafalger Falls and the Titou Gorge on our last day. The falls are an impressive pair in the National Park and the walk to get to them is lovely!

This little guy was just hanging out on his leafy deck, soaking up some sun.
This plant is related to the banana plant.
Trafalgar Falls, did I mention the British claimed this Island? When they didn’t party too hard and lose battles to the French that is.
A wild orchid.

Titou Gorge is amazing! It is a very narrow Gorge with the falls about 100 meters upriver. To see the falls you swim through the Gorge! Yes, the water starts out pretty chilly, but it is so worth the effort.

The group swimming through the Gorge after we saw the waterfall. (Photo credit to our fun guide, Clem)

And, an underwater photo or two since this was a dive trip.

A shrimp hanging out with an anenome. (Photo credit to Angel)
Dan enjoying an underwater adventure! (Photo credit to Angel)

1 thought on “Hunting Lionfish and enjoying the waterfalls of Dominica”

  1. Swimming in the tropics, gorging on lionfish, embracing the warmth of the setting sun–all while the rest of us endure sleet, ice, snow and temperatures in the teens. Hope that little diatribe helps make your trip even more enjoyable. Dad


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