We headed to Dominica from Miami after dealing with the managed chaos that is the check in for American Airlines. Crazy busy Saturday morning at the airport and the various queues are not well marked. Fortunately we were directed to the international check in before we spent any time in the wrong line. But there was going to be a fair amount of time spent in line!

MIA has several of these dog parks placed just outside of arrivals, which seems like a nice perk for traveling pets.
And then, they taunt the poor creatures by putting the object of their desire on the wrong side of the fence!

The line for check in moved pretty well, after the snafu with the luggage conveyor was solved. At about the halfway point, there was some miscommunication between me and a very helpful AA employee or 2 that had us out of line, to another line, and then back to our original spot in the first line. Shocking, I know, that I got us (me) a bit discombobulated, but Dan maintained his equanimity as always.

Anyway, Dan talked me off the stressball cliff, but did have to deal with both “bureaucrat” and “business process” irritation from me. He made the comment “you can’t fix this” at one point. My response: “oh, with enough post it notes and a big enough wall, I am pretty sure I could!” But that was the right release trigger to get me to calm down.

Really though, aside from the minor miscommunication that had little impact on our progress, there were plenty of employees doing a pretty good job herding a large collection of cats through the process.

Our flight was uneventful, the check in processes for both COVID and Customs were painless, and our accommodations are delightful! Looking forward to a great week! More photos and stories to come!

The view from our balcony at Fort Young, Roseau, Dominica

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