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20171114_090630Welcome to our travel blog. We are people living our dream of seeing what is out there. Lucky enough to retire early, we are taking advantage of having time and energy to explore. The first year of our freedom was filled many fun trips and as we reminisced we realized that we needed a way to keep the adventures fresh in our minds. So, we are starting this blog for us and to share with friends and family – known and soon to be met!

When Dan was travelling in Belize a number of years ago, the boat taking his group to a Mayan site encountered some mechanical difficulty. As they sat in the boat awaiting rescue several passengers were worried and upset about the delay, imagined problems would arise and otherwise viewed the situation as a problem. There was one passenger, an older woman with a British accent travelling alone, who had another perspective. She announced, with a joyous smile, “Oh goody, an Adventure!” This had an indelible impact on Dan that he has shared with me over the years. We have adopted that saying as our travel mantra! There are no “problems” or “disasters” in life, there are opportunities for adventure, good stories and new experiences.

So, welcome to our blog! We will share our adventures, pictures, and any lessons we learn or wish we hadn’t had to learn. We are not intrepid adventurers going off the grid, we are not luxury seekers or budget travelers, we are just a pair of middle-aged folks seeing the sites. There will be day hikes, city walks, brewery reviews, winery visits, tall tales and advice.  We hope you enjoy hearing about our adventures because we are certainly going to be enjoying having them!

Dan and Lisa

“Traveling outgrows its motives. It soon proves sufficient in itself. You think you are making a trip, but soon it is making you – or unmaking you.”
Nicolas Bouvier

1 thought on “Welcome to our Blog!”

  1. Love this and you guys! Jealously waiting to read all about your adventures. Now why am I reminded about fig newtons 🤔😉


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